A cartoon character or sports team logo on a beach towel? Licensed. Your favorite soft drink in a foreign country? Licensed. Software, clothing, and music are just a few examples of licensed products. Giving permission to other individuals or businesses to use one’s intellectual property—for a fee (called a “royalty”)—can be a profitable alternative or supplement to solely using one’s intellectual property oneself. Let Keleti+Moradian LLP monetize your unique and novel idea, work or product.



You are able to retain ownership and reap a reward from your patent, copyright, or brand, and even your name, likeness or voice. We advise both rights holders and those who wish to license rights.

  • K+MLLP can research and help you to validate your ability to license your intellectual property
  • Next, the terms of the license—exclusive or non-exclusive, territories, platforms, etc.—can be detailed
  • K+MLLP will craft an agreement of your liking, with a subscription basis of regular payments (monthly, annually, etc.) or a lifetime buyout
  • K+MLLP is skilled at leveraging all the aspects of the license. We can also enforce licenses in court.