Contested wills. Complicated estates. No advance planning for death. All these circumstances — and more — can land a deceased person's assets in a court-supervised distribution process, also known as probate. The probate process will notify both the decedent’s creditors and potential beneficiaries, and distributing the property in an orderly way, whether or not the decedent left a will. Keleti+Moradian LLP can help you avoid probate by advance estate planning.  If you are in a probate process, K+MLLP can represent you and your interests.

California is a non Uniform Probate Code state, meaning that California has its own unique statues, regulations and rules to assess, execute and manage an estate.  Keleti+Moradian LLP can guide you through the following:w

  • Deciding to be an executor of an estate or hiring an outside professional
  • Requesting death certificates, publishing notices and contacting debtors and possible beneficiaries
  • Providing the court with proof of notices and outreach
  • Posting a bond, if necessary
  • Proving a will's validity
  • Taking inventory of assets and appraising their value
  • Banking and tax planning
  • Compiling a list of debts and claims, and determining which to pay and which to deny
  • Closing the estate and distributing property

It can be a complicated, cumbersome and expensive process, but the attorneys at Keleti+Moradian LLP are more than able and willing to serve you. It is also a process which can be avoided in whole or part with estate planning, another service the attorneys at K+MLLP provide.