Contracts are legally enforceable promises. If one does not perform one’s obligations (such payment of money, provision of goods, or rendering services) as promised, one is liable for breach of contract in a civil lawsuit. That’s where Moradian Law come in. Moradian Law searches for solutions, or remedies, to broken contracts, promises and performances. These remedies may include money damages, restitution, rescission, reformation, and specific performance.

  • Creation and Drafting
    Moradian Law puts agreements in writing and clearly explains each provision, nuance and detail. K+MLLP guides our clients to a confidant and clear understanding.
  • Review
    Moradian Law reviews contracts, either before clients commit themselves (so they understand their rights and obligations), or after disputes have arisen (to see what provisions can or cannot be enforced).
  • Litigation
    If your or your business has a claim for breach of contract against another business or individual, or if you or your business allegedly has breached a contract, Moradian Law represents clients in resolving disputes, whether in court, arbitration, or otherwise.

Moradian Law has represented many above and below the line entertainment professionals. From film composers to reality show celebrities, Moradian Law can craft contracts that protect your interests, reputation and help to provide options if the check is not presented, the dressing room is not provided or the t-shirt with your likeness is not up to par.

Some Of Our Past Experience Includes:

  • Music
    • Recording agreements
    • Publishing agreements
    • Co-Publishing agreements
    • Distribution agreements
    • Management (Personal and Business) agreements
    • Agency agreements
    • Copyright administration
    • Producing agreements
    • Merchandising/Endorsement agreements
    • Concert/Personal Appearance agreements
    • Music video agreements
    • Digital Distribution agreements
    • Session employment agreements
  • Film and Television
    • Submission agreements
    • Literary options/Acquisition agreements
    • Pitch agreements
    • Producer agreements
    • Production (Cast and Crew) agreements
    • Actor agreements
    • Writer agreements
    • Collaboration agreements
    • Director agreements
    • Finder’s agreements and other financing contracts
    • Distribution agreements
    • Merchandising/Endorsement agreements
  • Print Media
    • Literary publishing
    • Fiction, Non-fiction, Graphic novels, Animation, etc.
    • Agency agreements
  • Theater
    • Literary options/Acquisition agreements
    • Collaboration agreements
    • Actor agreements
  • Online Media
    • Internet domain names
    • Websites
    • Video games
    • Contracts with Minors
      • Drafting agreements
      • Obtaining court approval of agreements
        • Employment of minor to perform artistic or creative services, such as those of an actor/actress, dancer, musician, comedian, singer, stunt-person, voice-over artist, songwriter, musical producer or arranger, writer, director, producer, production executive, choreographer, composer, conductor, or designer.
        • Purchase, sale or license by a minor of literary, musical, or dramatic property, or of a someone’s right of publicity (name, likeness, voice, performance, or life story in a film, television, sound recordings, or stage)
        • Employment of minor as a professional athlete
        • Licensed talent agency agreement with a minor


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